Crypto Margin Trading

Are you interested in crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum? then you understand that there are lots of bitcoin leverage margin trading sites. if you didn’t try them out, now is the best time to check and see how it works and which site is the best for you. we have done research about the websites and its for you to make some big money trading leverages.

Margin trading is very straight forward. there are leverages you can choose. for example, if you have 0.1 bitcoin, and would like to trade, you can simply set your leverage from 2~100x. so if you choose 10x, it means you are holding 1BTC as investment instead of 0.1BTC. now if the price of 1BTC is up 10% then you will earn 0.1BTC. instead of 0.01 BTC that you invested without leverage. so its huge chance to gain big earnings for the investments.

Please check out most popular crypto margin trading platforms.

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Bitcoin Margin trading has 2 ways to bet. you can ‘LONG’ or ‘SHORT’ the asset. meaning you have buy position or sell position. when the price is declining you can hold sell position and when price goes up, you can hold buy position. so you can make money with market situations. when price drops and you have ‘SHORT’ position, you will make leveraged amount. for example if you have purchased ‘SHORT’ position of 0.1BTC with x50 leverage, it is 5BTC value. when the price falls by 20%, you will earn 20% 0f 5BTC. so your profit will be 1 BTC. and same math with ‘LONG’ position.
so if you have doubts in bitcoin future, you can place sell position. or if you are believer of bitcoin then you purchase buy position. its just simple as that.

With leverage you can gain great amount of BTC with your investments. but also you will have to protect your assets by setting stop/loss to avoid liquidation.

when having a position in margin trading, its hard to have opposite opinion about market situation. If you have chosen either direction, you would persist on your position and becomes very hard to believe that the price will go opposite way. this is very common in investments by individuals. since market moves with news, regulations, psychology, and trading Technics. its not easy to determine the direction in short term. We highly recommend to react to the market as fast as you can since bitcoin and crypto market price fluctuates. there is no reason to hold to the position you believe in the short term investments. in the long term having actual assets are known to be the best. but as far as leveraged margin trading, it does not make much sense. especially if you are on a high leverage and it can get to the liquidation area.